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King's Fest 2024 Vertical

Vertical version of King's Fest event video in 2024.

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King's Fest 2024

Horizontal version of King's Fest 2024 video - King's Fest is College of Science and Engineering's very first post-exam celebration event.

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Campus Conservation with Dr Sophie Haupt

Where do plant scientists get their plant materials from? How do you best grow a new species? In this episode, Haomiao sits down with Dr Sophie Haupt, the manager of the plant growth facility at the…

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A tour of the Nucleus

A quick tour of the Nucleus building at King's Buildings - College of Science and Engineering. Three female students highlight the learning, teaching and studying facilities at the new building.

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Mass spectrometry at EdinOmics

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Murchison House - student facilities

A one minute overview of student resources & facilities at Murchison House, King's Buildings.

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6748 - SC Acc-2017-044 Egring - Prince Philip and Kings Buildings. Degraded Film

Film showing Prince Philip visitings in the 1960s to open buildings at the Kings Buildings campus. Badly degraded. (update)

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FloWave Ocean Simulator

FloWave Ocean Simulator - Doors Open Day 2015. The FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility is the world’s most sophisticated ocean simulator. The first of its kind in the world, the circular…

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