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The second video of the Inf2d lecture on Unification.

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CL - 7a - Mary Loves Everybody

In this video we introduce the interpretation of statements such as, "Mary loves Everybody". We use sections in Haskell to help us do this.

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Wiki Loves Monuments

Wiki Loves Monuments is an international photo competition which takes part throughout the month of September every year (although you can contribute images all year round!) and is supported by the…

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The top fifteen photos of Wiki Loves Monuments 2016

The top fifteen photos of Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 reveal a world of monuments, lovingly depicted by volunteers. Wikimedia Blog:…

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Wikimania 2016 - Wiki Loves Monuments, how to Preserve the World's Cultural Heritage

How You and the Rest of Wikimedia Movement Can Help Preserve the World's Culturale Heritage or How to Beat the Deadline - Present and Future of Wiki Loves Monuments. By John Andersson, John…

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Wikipedia, an introduction - Erasmus Prize 2015

Erasmus Prize 2015 awarded to Wikipedia Wikipedia receives the prize because it has promoted the dissemination of knowledge through a comprehensive and universally accessible encyclopaedia. To…

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