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Nefeli Pelekanou - Soft robotic glove for future human-computer interaction

The presentation by Nefeli Pelekanou who is working with Dr Yunjie Yang and Mr Huazhi Dong Awarded: 1st Prize Summer 2024 Cohort

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Induction Activity 5 Y1

Induction Activity 5 Y1

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Livestock evidence synthesis and AI

Food Facts - Module 3 Presentation by Louise Donnison for the free online course 'Food Facts: From Farm to

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Introduction to SAGE Research Methods

This is a recording of an online presentation, delivered on 20th March 2024. The session was presented by Claudia Paicu (SAGE Training & Engagement Specialist). This session provides an…

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Beyond The Scrubs Podcast - Pilot Episode

Discover the practical ins and outs of clinical assistantships and the transition to a foundation doctor with "Beyond the Scrubs." Hosted by clinical skills experts, our podcast offers a…

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AI & Storytelling, Invited Lecture for Abertay University - The Feels Wheel

AI & Storytelling, Invited Lecture for Abertay University, February 5th 2024 - The Feels Wheel: Building a Sentiment Analysis model

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2024 DRS LUNCHTIME SEMINARS - S1 - Research Data Support

Here you will hear Simon Smith from Research Data Support Services providing tips and tricks on Data Management Planning.

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Pedagogies of Care and Hope for Wicked Prolems

An introductory video about pedagogies for wicked problems.

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Requesting Library materials - Introduction to the Library for University Staff

Covers using DiscoverEd to request library materials and how to request materials that the Library doesn't hold, including teaching and research requests, interlibrary loans, Scan & Deliver…

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Evaluating Digital Transformation - Week 2, Part 2

Evaluating Digital Transformation - Week 2, Part 2

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2.1.9 - Inserting and Accordion content block [EdWeb 2 OC]

In this short video, you'll learn how to add an Accordion menu with two items in EdWeb 2. This video accompanies the EdWeb 2: 5 things to get started with EdWeb 2 online course.

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2.1.1 - Getting to know content blocks [EdWeb 2 OC]

This video demonstrates how to add correctly styled headings to your web page in EdWeb 2, and is part of the EdWeb 2: 5 things to get started with EdWeb 2 online course.

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Machine Learning Practical - Week 9 (Live 2022-23)

Machine Learning Practical Week 9, Part 1 of 2 on Recurrent Neural Networks. Live lecture from 2022-23.

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Higgs Centre Colloquium: Fulvio Militello, 'The Quest for Fusion Energy'

Speaker: Fulvio Militello (UKAEA) More info:

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MSc in Digital Education: Using WordPress on your mobile device

A brief tutorial for the MSc in Digital Education on how to use WordPress on your mobile phone for your assessed work or as a learning journal.

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Course Options: A helping hand

Course Options: A helping hand

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