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IAWEL RMDA: R Markdown Activity

This video sets up your formative R Markdown activity. If you complete this exercise you can receive formative feedback you will find useful for your fourth assignment

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IAWEL RMDA: Tips and Troubleshooting in R

In this video we cover some tips about loading packages, specifying functions from packages, specifying variables in datasets, and how to interpret warnings and errors in R

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Library Bitesize: Introduction to Scopus

This session is an introduction to searching for literature on Scopus. The Scopus database indexes articles from 25,100+ journals in health, biomedicine, life sciences, technology, and social…

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IAWEL RMDA: Introduction to R Studio

This video is for the RMDA course on the IAWEL programme. It provides a basic overview of R Studio

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Introduction to R: Part 2

This video is Part 2/3. This event aligns with the Digital creation, problem solving and innovation competency on the University's Digital Skills Framework. This course is aimed for those who…

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HealthyR demo: stringR

Data and code at:

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How do I cite and reference?

This video will show you how to cite and reference a book, journal article and webpage using the Harvard style.

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DDC Session 3 Recording

Recording from session 3 of data-driven chemistry 2021-22

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Using variables in Xerte

Using variables in Xerte

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Quick Answer: Writing Up Results

This video gives a short overview of the key features of a results section. It is aimed mainly at veterinary scientists and covers how to write up a generic quantitative and qualitative finding. …

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Selected Excel Functions

If, round and vlookup Excel functions

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CL - 13b - regex and FSM

We introduce some simple finite state machines, and three key ideas of the theory.The first idea is that of the language recognised by a machine. Given an alphabet of symbols, a language is a set…

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CL - 7h - Some Haskell remarks

In this video we give an example showing how Haskell's types can help us to avoid confusions.We then discuss the types of the Boolean operations lifted to predicates, and show how…

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CL - 7a - Mary Loves Everybody

In this video we introduce the interpretation of statements such as, "Mary loves Everybody". We use sections in Haskell to help us do this.

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CL - Lecture 4.i - Reduction 1

We use the rules to reduce a sequent to a conjunction of simpler sequents. In this example we find that the expression asserted by the sequent is a tautology — it is equivalent to the empty…

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CL - Lecture 4.h - Sequents 3

We can now give Gentzen's rules for ¬ ⋀ ⋁.

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