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Welcome Back Year 2 Civil Engineering Programme 2021

Welcome Back Year 2 Civil Engineering Programme 2021

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Year 4: Personal Tutor and Student Support Information

This is a reminder of the student support available to you in the final year of your degree. Please let us know about any academic or personal issues that are impacting on your ability to study, so…

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IDS - Week 01 - 03 - Course information (2021)

Information on course structure and policies

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CogSci lecture 1 part 1

first part of the first lecture for Introduction to Cognitive Science 2021-22

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(UG/PG) How-to Get Support from the Student Counselling Service

This session covers: • What kinds of issues and problems counselling can help a student with • What counselling is like and how it works • How a student can first make contact with…

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(UG) How-to access online library resources

By the end of this session, you should be able to feel confident in accessing online library resources​ You should be able to: ​ Access online library resources via MyEd​ Access online…

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Business School Year 1 Course Options - Final

Optional courses within the Business School

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Curricula for Wicked Problems July 2021

An overview of suggestions for developing higher education curricula for wicked problems or global challenges.

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Global Challenges and Curriculum Transformation

Peter and Colm discuss how important it is to listen to our students when it comes to Global Challenges and that it is critical we respond to their concerns. We know that climate issues are very…

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Why study a Master of Family Medicine?

A Master of Family Medicine has gained prominence in recent years and now, more than ever, family doctors play leading roles in primary healthcare teams. Watch this one-minute video to find out how a…

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Welcome Week: School of Physics and Astronomy

Welcome to the courses offered by the School of Physics and Astronomy. In this short video you can meet the course organisers of Discovering Astronomy, Astrobiology, Introductory Astrophysics, …

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(UG and PGT) How to gain academic confidence

Starting your university course or programme can be very exciting, but you may also you may also have some concerns about your studies. This session aims to help you get the best possible…

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Graphical Models: Manuel Hentschel

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Manuel Hentschel Talk Title: Statistical inference for decomposable Hüsler-Reiss…

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Tom Gillingwater June 2021 Baby Arthur SMA

Prof Tom Gillingwater comments on the 'Baby Arthur' gene therapy for SMA news story, June 2021

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Introduction to Alex Lascarides Inf2D

Introduction to Alex Lascarides Inf2D

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Nicholas Touikan: On the Structure of Mapping Tori

Geometric and Asymptotic Group Theory with Applications (GAGTA 14) Workshop (07 - 11 June) Nicholas Touikan, University of New Brunswick - On the Structure of Mapping Tori 8 June 2021 This recording…

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