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30th June Nurses Clinical Club - Jess Davies and Nicola Luke

30th June Nurses Clinical Club - Jess Davies and Nicola Luke - Keeping your finger on the pulse - effective monitoring of the anaesthetic patient

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Episode 00) The Dick Vet Podcast Introduction

Episode 00: The Dick Vet Podcast Welcome to the Dick Vet Podcast! In this introductory episode our host, Steven Rae, talks through what you can expect to learn from the series. A brief description of…

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Seasonal Reproduction in Birds: From Seeing the Light to Weathering the Storm

Inaugural lecture of Professor Simone Meddle Personal Chair of Behavioural NeuroendocrinologyProfessor Simone Meddle will discuss research showing how the environment regulates the reproductive…

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Inaugural Lecture - Prof John Hickey

Inaugural lecture of Professor John Hickey, Profesor of Animal BreedingBreeding improves the efficiency, productivity, profitability and environmental impact of agriculture. Chickens in the…

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Sustainability Awards 2016: Office team gold projects

Meet four teams who obtained Gold in the Sustainability Awards 2016 Office category for their exemplary projects with real sustainability impact. Teams featured: Printing Services Institute…

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Let sunshine into your heart

March 11th 2015Dr Richard Weller, MRC Centre for Inflammation Research at the University of Edinburgh and Dr Darren Shaw, Royal (Dick) Vet School / The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh Are…

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