ESALA Architectural History & Theory Seminar Series

ESALA Architectural History & Theory Seminar Series

INTERVIEWS ON METHOD encompasses a cycle of pre-recorded conversations with scholars of architecture and the built environment across the globe and at all career stages. The conversations span a diversity of methods, including environmental studies, economic history, filmmaking, heritage, the study of colonialism, history of the book, print history, oral history, and exhibition. The interviews were recorded during spring of 2021.

The discussions are centred on methods for the study of architecture and the built environment for a number of reasons. The Seminar Series has always showcased works-in-progress, but turning focus to methods presented an opportunity to scrutinise the mechanisms and techniques of that work. The result is a public and durable record of emergent and changing approaches to research and teaching on the history of architecture and the built environment during the current moment.

The interviewees include:

Samia Henni (Cornell University)

Iain Jackson (University of Liverpool)

Heather Hyde Minor (University of Notre Dame) and Carolyn Yerkes (Princeton University)

Laurajane Smith (Australian National University)

Margaret Stewart (University of Edinburgh)

Jason E. Nguyen (University of Toronto)

Jessica Varner (University of Southern California)

Ana María León (University of Michigan)


We hope that you will enjoy the conversations!

/Dr. Elizabeth Petcu & Dr. Moa Carlsson, 20/21 AH&T Seminar Series convenors


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