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Eczema in 5 minutes (2016 remake)

A brief introduction to eczema. A topic that confuses.

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Antihistamines eczema: confused? (2016 new edit)

Brief explanation of title.

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The biology of the skin barrier: the eczema connection.

A description of basic keratinocyte biology, with an emphasis on the formation of the stratum corneum. I explain how the bricks and mortar model works, and how external agents can attack this barrier…

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Problems with gloves?

Surgical or similar gloves worn in health care bring many advantages. They also cause dermatological problems in a significant proportion of users. What sort of problems, and how do we approach the…

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Antihistamines and eczema: confusion reigns

Antihistamines are used to manage some types of eczema, but their efficacy does not rely on peripheral histamine blockade.

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Eczema in just a little bit longer than five minutes.

An introduction to a common — but very confusing area of clinical dermatology.

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