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Current Issues in Medical Law & Ethics Postgraduate Webinar Series: Event 1

"A collective movement”: opting for deemed consent organ donation in Northern Ireland Ms Ruby Reed-Berendt from the University of Edinburgh About this event Join postgraduate…

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B1. A healthy immune system

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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A7. Tissue structure & organisation

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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PET is Wonderful 2021 - Proffered talks (Part 2)

Proffered talks from PET is Wonderful 2021 (Part 2). Automated caption generation was used for this media. There was no human intervention and the captions will have variable accuracy.

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MBChB2 Neuro Pre-Practical Lecture 5_3_2021

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A7. Tissue structure & organisation_2021

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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Ancient Lecture 3.6

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The immune system: introduction & overview, part 2

Immune cells, organs, molecules & barriers

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Prof Gillingwater Inaugural Lecture Oct 2018

Recording of inaugural lecture Monday 29 October 2018. Professor Tom Gillingwater "Diary of a 21st century anatomist: standing on the shoulders of giants"

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Dr Torgny Roxå

Strong and weak ties – changing teaching cultures in higher education in programme Torgny Roxå Lund University, Sweden Learning & Teaching Conference 2018

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Vet Nurse: Full Leg Bandage

Vet Nursing

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Problems with gloves?

Surgical or similar gloves worn in health care bring many advantages. They also cause dermatological problems in a significant proportion of users. What sort of problems, and how do we approach the…

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