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'What has 20 years of imaging genetics taught us about the brain?', Prof David Glahn

Dr. David Glahn is the Associate Chief for Research in the Department of Psychiatry at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Director of the Tommy Fuss Center for Neuropsychiatric Disease…

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How to Use the Centre for Research Collections

This session provides a practical introduction to the Centre for Research Collections, an access point for the University's Heritage Collections. The collections include rare books, archives,…

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Cell differentiation: When DNA met Sall4 with Raphael Pantier and Kashyap Chhatbar

Have you ever wondered what neglected regions of the genome do? In this episode we hear about the search for AT rich region binding proteins.Jack Suitor talks to Raphael Pantier and Kashyap Chhatbar…

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Why Lab Research Matters

Virtual Lab Tour event, in partnership with AMMF - The Cholangiocarcinoma Charity

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Research Insights | Traveller genes: genetics & ancestry

How do genes vary across populations and why is this important for understanding our health and the risk of diseases? In early 2021 a group of Scottish Travellers asked Professor Jim Wilson a…

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Tom Gillingwater June 2021 Baby Arthur SMA

Prof Tom Gillingwater comments on the 'Baby Arthur' gene therapy for SMA news story, June 2021

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IAB2016 Promo

The 13th World Congress of Bioethics will explore what bioethics can contribute to individuals, public interests, and public goods – and Edinburgh is the perfect place to do it.

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Statistics in COVID-19: Andrea Doeschl-Wilson (The Roslin Institute)

Andrea Doeschl-Wilson (The Roslin Institute): Insights from infectious disease studies in animal populations for Covid-19 and vice versa The CfS Research Day gathered together experts in the…

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Research in the Pandemic - Providing a Genomics Platform for Covid Research

Lee Murphy, the Head of the Genetics Core, Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility, discusses the work of the Genetics Core during the Covid-19 pandemic, highlighting the way the Core adapted their work…

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Virtual Tour | College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Take a virtual tour inside some of our buildings across the campus, from Western General to Easter Bush. Find out where our postgraduate community works and how some of our facilities operate. …

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Drosophila egg

Film of a Drosphilia Egg by Eric Lucey, Institute of Animal Genetics Research Film Unit. c.1980.

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Biological Sciences - Origin and Diversity of Life 1

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CVS PhD Video - 2020 Katherine Kentistou

Video of PhD student Katherine Kentistou from the Centre for Cardiovascular Science, explaining how she came to study the genetics of metabolism and obesity at CVS.

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XDF felllows 2019

The XDF Programme partners the School of Informatics with the MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine to train genuinely cross-disciplinary researchers.

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MSc Applied Conservation Genetics with Wildlife Forensics | The University of Edinburgh

Dr Rob Ogden, Programme Director for the Masters degree in Applied Conservation Genetics with Wildlife Forensics chats about his programme.…

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Cross-Disciplinary Fellowship (XDF) Tutorial: How Do You Create A Cohort For Health Data Science

The Cross-Disciplinary Fellowship (XDF) Programme partners the School of Informatics with the MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine to train genuinely cross-disciplinary researchers. The…

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