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Corals and Symbionts - Marine Pollution

In the following video we will looking at corals symbionts. We will covering the following points: What are reef building corals? How do they work? What threatens the symbiosis? (coral bleaching and…

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The Carbon Cycle

Vanessa explains the carbon cycle and its effects on the planet. Please note this video is © The University of Edinburgh, 2021, All Rights Reserved.

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PoS 1 Week 9 Lecture 1 Part 1

What is Scientific Explanation?

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Acidification and Corals

How ocean acidification is happening and how coral reefs have an impact on ocean pH and how they are in turn affected by these chemistry changes

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Ocean layers and bio pump

What is the structure of the ocean? how is it layered and how doe important things like carbon and nutrients transfer between these layers

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1.9 - Removing CO2 from the Atmosphere

Mitigating Climate Change - Carbon Capture Storage

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