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Reliable nutrition information

[In Progress - Please Do Not Share] Food Facts - Module 3 Mini-lecture by Amelia Finaret for the free online course 'Food Facts: From Farm to Fork'

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Week 6 - Video 2

Roman Egypt; Essays

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Week 6 - Video 1

Roman Egypt - Essays

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Getting Help - Introduction to the Library for University Staff

How to get help with library questions from EdHelp, the Library Academic Support team and Research Support services. Opportunities the Library offers to develop your library and research skills.…

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Decolonising your dissertation exploring new critical and practical approaches to your library research (Dissertation and Thesis Festival)

This session will help you to think about how libraries have historically organised and acquired information and critically apply that knowledge to your information research choices. We’ll also…

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Exploring Archives of Sexuality & Gender (Dissertation and Thesis Festival)

The Archives of Sexuality and Gender is one of the largest digital collections of primary source documents relating to the history and study of sex, sexuality, and gender. The series presents LGBTQ…

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SIFTing the literature: Critically evaluating the reliability of sources (Dissertation and Thesis Festival Nov 2023)

Ever seen something shared on social media that you think just cannot be true? Or wondered how you can be more critical in the sources of information you use in an assignment? By the end of this…

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ProQuest resources for Race and Decolonial Studies (Dissertation and Thesis Festival)

Ali Nazari-Nouri, Customer Education Trainer from ProQuest, part of Clarivate, delivers a presentation that demonstrates how you can effectively and efficiently search the ProQuest and Alexander…

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Why do we need to cite sources?

One of the things which students often find difficult is figuring out how to cite sources in their work. In this short video, we will consider some basic questions and give some guidance. Hopefully…

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Relationship to Nitrogen - Marine Nitrogen

In this video, Mufliha from Maldives Resilient Reefs will explain in more detail how nitrogen can act as potential stressor for seagrass ecosystems.

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Introduction to Collusion

The University defines collusion as "a form of plagiarism. It is an unauthorised and unattributed collaboration of students in a piece of assessed work."As part of your studies, you will be…

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Introduction to Academic Integrity

Academic integrity at the University of Edinburgh means being honest, fair, and responsible in your academic work. It involves giving credit to others for their ideas or work you use, and following…

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Using digital archives: Finding primary sources online (Historical Research: Skills & Sources)

This video introduces the wide range of digital archives available at the Library that allow you to access historical documents and other primary sources online for your research. Useful search…

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Five things to remember before starting your search

Content for LibSmart II for the Digital Primary Sources and Digital Scholarship module.

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Introduction to the Library: Historian's Toolkit

This video is a short introduction to the University Library and its resources, services and facilities for students on the Historian's Toolkit course, 2023-24. It's also recommended you…

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Global industry overview

by Dr Louise Donnison | SEBI Livestock For "The Power of Data in Farm Animal Practice" Course website:

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