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Lesson 3: Ocean Biodiversity, Food Webs and Habitats

This video was created by Teresa Ikpe for her learning resource about exploring ocean spaces. Lesson 3 objectives: Showcase (some) marine habitats and marine life surrounding the British Isles. Make…

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Coral Reefs Introdution to the Organisums

What are Corals and wht do they do. Also what other organisums live on the coral reefs and wht do they do

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Hear from our students: MSc Marine Systems and Policies

Carmela shares her experiences studying the MSc Marine Systems & Policies

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Proxies for coral bleaching density and thickness

Can the density of corals be used to reconstruct the bleaching history of fossil corals

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Coral Dating - radiocarbon and water ages

How we can use radiocarbon measurements to not only date fossil corals but also learn about the water masses they grew in

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Trace Element Proxies in Corals

How trace elements such as Sr and U can be used to reconstruct past seawater chemistry and parameters such a temperature

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Coral Calcification

A description of the mechanisms by which corals calcify

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Ocean Heat Changes

How heat content of the ocean is distributed and how this is changing with climate change

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Acidification and Corals

How ocean acidification is happening and how coral reefs have an impact on ocean pH and how they are in turn affected by these chemistry changes

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Corals Chemistry and Climate Change

Example lecture for Earth science and ecology from the undergraduate open day

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