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Research Insights: Neuroscience

PhD researcher Dr Sarah Neely and postdoctoral scientist Dr Owen Gwydion James share their neuroscience research.

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Brainworks: How are brains formed and how should we treat them

Inaugural lecture of Professor David LyonsProfessor of NeurobiologyBrainworks: How are brains formed and how should we treat themThe human brain represents the most complex organisation of matter in…

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Fish immune cells lend clues to spinal cord repair

Scientists have found the immune system plays a key role in helping zebrafish nerve cells to regenerate after injury. The findings offer clues for developing treatments that could one day help…

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Animal Research - an introduction

The use of animals in research at the University of Edinburgh - an introduction.

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"The fish school of life: learning to mend the spinal cord" - inaugural lecture by Professor Catherina Becker.

Professor Catherina Becker shows what happens in the brains and spinal cords of zebrafish that allows them to repair even fully paralysing injuries. Recorded 25 September 2017.

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