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Research Insights: research is for everyone

For the final event of the series, it's over to you! Our audience told us what they'd like to hear about in this final event of the series. Two topics came up most often: genetics and…

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Research Insights: brain scanning - a lifetime in an image

How do you build 3D pictures of the most inaccessible of organs - the brain?When you hear the word "nuclear" what do you think of? For Dr Adriana Tavares, it’s changing perceptions.…

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Research Insights: too much blood - when periods are a problem

In her work as a gynacologist, Dr Jackie Maybin helps people whose menstrual bleeding is so heavy it affects their daily lives. In the lab she tries to understand what causes this heavy bleeding and…

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Research Insights | Science after Dolly: gene editing and ethics

Twenty-five years ago, scientists cloned a sheep and called it Dolly. In this Research Insights event, we were joined by Dr Christine Tait-Burkard and Dr Sarah Chan to discuss how science has…

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Research Insights: health data - what's in it for you?

What is health data? How does information about people’s health help to inform public health policy decisions? And how is data kept safe and secure? Speakers Professor Aziz Sheikh is one of…

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Research Insights | Traveller genes: genetics & ancestry

How do genes vary across populations and why is this important for understanding our health and the risk of diseases? In early 2021 a group of Scottish Travellers asked Professor Jim Wilson a…

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Research Insights: Neuroscience

PhD researcher Dr Sarah Neely and postdoctoral scientist Dr Owen Gwydion James share their neuroscience research.

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Research Insights: Covid 19 in pregnancy

Dr Rachael Wood and Dr Sarah Stock share their work to understand risks to pregnant women during the pandemic.

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Research Insights: weathering the storm

The Generation Scotland team share what they've learned from people's experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic across Scotland. With Dr Chloe Fawns-Ritchie and Professor David Porteous. …

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Research Insights: tackling the pain of endometriosis

Professor Andrew Horne and Professor Philippa Saunders discuss research to tackle a difficult condition that affects one in ten women in the UK. Recorded 17/02/2021.

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Research Insights: research happens everywhere

Dr Sinead Rhodes shares how she gathers data in the community to better understand people’s experiences of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, depression and anxiety. Recorded…

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Research Insights: rebuild and repair

Dr Elaine Emmerson and surgeon Mr Iain Nixon discuss how we're using regenerative medicine to improve quality of life for people who survive cancer. Recorded 27/01/21

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Research Insights | Covid-19: Lighting up the Dark

Dr Richard Weller shares his research on how sunlight affects our health, and can even influence how a person’s body responds to Covid-19.

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Research Insights: COVID-19 Behind the Numbers

Linda Bauld and Rowland Kao talk about how they’ve used their research skills to better understand Covid-19. First broadcast online via Zoom on 25 November 2020.

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