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Folk psychology - Folk psychology as a theory

Philosophical methodsVideo 3: folk psychology as a theory

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Group support - Version 2

This is a video for industry volunteers to watch to understand classroom interactions. In this example, the volunteer works with a pair of students and does a good job of helping them to learn…

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Beatrix Jones.mp4

This is the talk by Beatrix Jones at the 2018 ISBA World Meeting, Edinburgh

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Understanding the Referendum - Beyond Scotland - The constitutional chain reaction in England and Wales

This project was created by the School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh.

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Welsh/Celtic speech technology in Wikipedia - Delyth Prys and Dewi Jones at Celtic Knot 2017

Text-to-speech and speech recognition are becoming increasingly important in our digital world. Major languages such as English are well catered for, but smaller languages such as Welsh and the…

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DMPonline: an international tool

A short film explaining the work done on the DMPonline internationalisation project, supported by the University of Edinburgh Innovation Fund. DMPonline is a tool offered by the Digital Curation…

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