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Why and How Friendships are Good For You - Professor Robin Dunbar

Friendships have a bigger effect on our psychological health and wellbeing, as well as our physical health and wellbeing, than anything else. Friendships are, however, extremely expensive to create…

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Using Mixed Methods in Psychological Research Part 4

An outline of exploratory sequential mixed methods design and a discussion of whether conversation analysis (and discursive psychology) can be mixed with coding and quantification.

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Using Mixed Methods in Psychological Research Part 3

This is an outline of the explanatory sequential mixed methods design model in psychological research.

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Using Mixed Methods in Psychological Research Part 2

This is an outline of one mixed methods design, the convergent design.

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Using Mixed Methods in Psychological Research Part 1

An introduction to using mixed methods in psychological research.

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Introduction to PhD Psychology

2021-22 Introduction to PhD Psychology

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Road to Recovery project: what do we know so far?

The Road to Recovery project's principal investigator, Dr Karri Gillespie-Smith, speaks about what preliminary data from our online survey is telling us so far. This survey is investigating…

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Plato Lecture 6.1


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Designing Assessments for Hybrid Teaching

Prof. Velda McCune and Dr. Tim Fawns discuss designing assessments for hybrid teaching. The topics and ideas in this conversation are informed by the additional work of Jen Ross, co-director of the…

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Finding Research Literature for MSc Education (All Pathways) (2021-22)

A presentation for MSc Education students (all pathways) on how to find and access research literature. Presentation slides are available in 'Attachments' (below the recording).

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Psychology 1A and 1B 21-22

This brief video describes the first year courses:, Psychology 1A and 1B. These are 20-credit courses that run, respectively, in semesters 1 and 2.

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Edinburgh College of Art course options 2021/22

Dee Isaacs, Senior Tutor at Edinburgh College of Art, introduces ECA's course options for the 2021/22 academic year.

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Linguistics and English Language first year course options

Introduction to the LEL1A and LEL1B first year courses in Linguistics and English Language

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(UG and PG) How to Take a Short Course 2021-2022

Delve into subject areas that are different from your degree programme and build your CV, learn a new language or continue with an existing one, pick up a paint brush or learn about Scottish history…

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DP, IPA and FDA 'In Conversation'

This is the final session for RMS3, Week 11 in which Cristina, Billy and Sue discuss and compare DP, IPA and FDA.

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Cognitive Science MSc

Learn more about the Cognitive Science MSc at the School of Informatics in this presentation and Q&A recorded in November 2020.

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