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Male Catheterisation

Video demonstrating how to insert a catheter

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Developing Your Data Skills Programme 2023-2024: Workshop 2 Webinar - Statistics & Analysis

'Data Skills 2: Statistics & Analysis' is workshop number two of three. This section focuses on understanding basic statistics and interpreting data. At home recording of Developing…

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In the Hot Seat Matthias


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How to access order reports

Tutorial to search for order reports on Catalog

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Student Vlogs - Megan, Part One

Undergraduate student Megan talks about her experience of first-year at the University of Edinburgh.

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20231101 Data Visualisation and Storytelling Reflections

Reflections after online forum 2

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Utopia Lab 2023

Introduction to the Edinburgh Futures Institute Utopia Lab Project by Jennifer Williams, Creative Project Manager, EFI

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Developing Your Data Skills Programme 2023-2024 - Orientation Session (Students)

Collaborate Ultra webinar recording of an orientation session (students) designed to introduce participants to the Developing Your Data Skills Programme in Learn Ultra.…

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3 Detection _ alarm (Part II) - FireGrid.mp4

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Student Adviser Training - Study and Work Away Service (SWAY)

SA SWAY training

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Introduction to Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the most common and best-known example of academic misconduct. All types of work submitted by students are covered by this definition, including, for example, written work, diagrams,…

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TMc - AD with Commentary (2)

A brief example of listening practice for new students to the Pg Cert in Counselling Studies.

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University of Edinburgh Three Minute Thesis Final 2022

University of Edinburgh Three Minute Thesis Final 2022 23rd June 2022

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How to create videos for online courses: An introduction

n this short session you will be introduced to a duo of short online courses, designed and facilitated by the Online Course Production service. In summer 2021, we launched “How to Create an…

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Ethics of heart transplantation

Ethics of heart transplantation

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Adaptation CoP_ April 2022

Adaptation CoP - April meeting on adaptation finance

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