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From K-theory to calculus - Niall Taggart

Classifying spaces in homotopy theory: in honour of Ran Levi's 60th BirthdayNiall Taggart, Utrecht UniversityThis recording is in the process being subtitled. This typically takes around two…

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LAGOON: Jeremy Brightbill (Santa Barbara, USA)

Subtitles will be added soon. 9 December Jeremy Brightbill (Santa Barbara, USA): Higher simple-minded systems in negative Calabi-Yau categories

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LAGOON: Leicester Algebra and Geometry Open ONline - Ralph Kaufmann

Subtitles are automatically added, you may turn these off by clicking "cc, turn off". We are working on ensuring all subtitles match the lecture. LAGOON: Leicester Algebra and Geometry…

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Jean-Simon Lemay (University of Oxford) : The Theory of Differential Categories. (session 3)

Jean-Simon Lemay (University of Oxford) : The Theory of Differential Categories.Abstract: The theory of differential categories uses category theory to study the foundations of differentiation.…

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Lidia Angeleri Hügel - Purity in Silting Theory

Work of Bill Crawley-Boevey from the 1990s has shown that the theory of purity and the notion of a definable subcategory studied in model theory play an important role in representation theory. …

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