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Dr Atoosa Kasirzadeh, Two Types of AI Existential Risk: Decisive and Accumulative

Controversies in the Data Society 2024 - Week 4 AI Safety and AI Ethics - bridging cultures of existential and social risk. Dr Atoosa Kasirzadeh, Dept of Philosophy, Chancellors Fellow in the…

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Week 1 Mark Paterson - trac(k)ing movement and efficiency

Data Controversies 2024

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Inaugural Lecture: Professor Ben Rosamond

Professor Ben Rosamond presents his inaugural lecture at the School of Social and Political Science. Introduction by Professor John Devaney. Conservative economic policy discourse since the global…

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Introduction to Web of Science (Library Bitesize)

Recorded: 09 Nov 2023. Slides available in Attachments Presenter: Fiona Brown This short webinar introduces using the Web of Science to find peer-reviewed academic literature for assignments and…

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Ink limit

Intermediate InDesign - checking, understanding and setting your ink limit

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4 Smoke control (Part II) - Bellido paper

4 Smoke control (Part II) - Bellido paper

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“Metabolic Dysfunction and Bipolar Disorder”, Dr Iain Campbell

Bipolar disorder and epilepsy share several anti-convulsant medications and some similarities in underlying neurobiology. Recently, a metabolic therapy which has been used in the treatment of…

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Welcome Back Year 2: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Programmes

Welcome Back Year 2: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Programmes

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Dr Kathrin Cresswell - Workarounds in health information systems (Week 4)

Dr Kathrin Cresswell - Workarounds in health information systems (Week 4)

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Dean Park Primary - class 3

Pupils discuss images and topics in pairs.

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Alexa Privacy Settings (Part 1): Intro

This is an introduction to a series of short videos made to raise awareness of the data privacy settings of one of the most commonly-owned smart speakers, namely Amazon's Alexa. In the next…

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Improving Research Culture and Integrity Through Open Science - Will Cawthorn (Keynote)

Join Will Cawthorn for the closing keynote as he explores tangible ways to cultivate a healthy research culture using the tools provided by Open Scientific practices.

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How data papers present a unique contribution to open research in the humanities and social sciences - Mandy Wigdorowitz, Barbara McGillivray, Marton Ribary

Join Mandy Wigdorowitz (speaker), Barbara McGillivray (speaker), and Marton Ribary as they consider the place of Open Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. They focus on the role of the…

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Mason Institute Investigates Episode 8: Clinician-Led Evidence-Based Activism

Welcome back for another episode of Mason Institute Investigates. In this episode Dr Piyush Pushkar and Dr Louise Tomkow from the University of Manchester talk about their research on clinician-led…

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DE Discussions: Academic Writing (Part 1)

A session with Michael Gallagher discussing how to approach academic writing for the MSc in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh

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SR course 6b - Screening is a two-stage process

SR course

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