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From K-theory to calculus - Niall Taggart

Classifying spaces in homotopy theory: in honour of Ran Levi's 60th BirthdayNiall Taggart, Utrecht UniversityThis recording is in the process being subtitled. This typically takes around two…

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Student Perspective: Introduction to Edinburgh

3rd year Informatics student, Donald Jennings, tells us about his first two years studying at the University of Edinburgh. His presentation covers: 1st year at Edinburgh Optional Courses 2nd year…

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The Dark Side of Isaac Newton, Piers Bursill-Hall

This public lecture was part of the Young Researchers in Combinatorics workshop at ICMS. We were delighted to welcome speaker Piers Bursill-Hall (University of Cambridge) for this public lecture.We…

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Decolonising the Curriculum: The Podcast Series - Dr Srinjoy Mitra in conversation with Prof. Rowena Arshad

Welcome to this podcast series produced by The Race Equality and Anti-Racist Sub-Committee (REAR) at the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Teaching Matters where we hear from different…

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The Disc-structure space - Manuel Krannich

The Disc-structure space Manuel Krannich (University of Cambridge) Manifolds and K-theory: the legacy of Andrew Ranicki online workshop 21 - 25 Jun 2021 To remove the captions from this video press…

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School of Informatics Sample Undergraduate Lecture

School of Informatics - Sample 1st year lecturePropositions as Types by Professor Philip WadlerSemester 1: Lecture 19 (INF1A)

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Emma Simpson EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Emma Simpson Talk Title: A geometric investigation into the tail dependence of vine copulas Abstract: Vine…

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The second video of the Inf2d lecture on Situation Calculus.

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The first video of the Inf2d lecture on Situation Calculus.

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FP - Lecture 19 - Propositions as Types

This is the last FP video lecture, on Propositions as Types.

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CL - 5x - Supplementary on Sequents

This video includes a couple of points from a 2019 review lecture on Sequents.First we discuss how to use reduction to find an inhabited model in which Γ ⊨ Δ, which is equivalent to…

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CL - Barbara

Gentzen's rules provide a complete system that does not require the cut rule. For many logical systems, cut elimination (showing that uses of the cut rule may be eliminated from any sound proof)…

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CL - Sequents

We introduce sequents, where we have finite sets of predicates on both sides of the turnstile.

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CL - Q&A - Thursday Week 4

In week 4 we introduced Gentzen's sequents.You should make sure you understand when a sequent is valid, and what it means to provide a counter-example to a sequent -- a universe in which the…

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Gradient Descent Algorithm

Gradient Descent Algorithm

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Regularisation in our Structure

Regularisation in our Structure

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