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C3. Microorganisms_viruses, prions & parasites

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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DNA lottery in AlphaSimR Genome - Part 1

We will now look at the randomness of DNA inheritance (the DNA lottery) between parents and progeny, and how this process drives variation and resemblance between genomes of relatives. Please watch…

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Simulating traits in AlphaSimR - Part 1

AlphaSimR simulates traits by defining the type of trait genetic effects, number of DNA sites controlling the trait, mean, genetic variance, and environmental variance. Once we simulate genetic and…

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Simulating DNA in AlphaSimR

AlphaSimR simulates DNA for a founding pool of genomes based on species' genome parameters and demography. We use this founding pool of genomes to initiate a population of individuals. We can…

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C3. Microorganisms: viruses, prions and parasites (older)

Integrity lecture C3

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Advanced computational approaches for understanding allele-specific biology of complex diseases

Speaker:Dr Shilpa Garg, Harvard Medical School & Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Reconstructing the complete phased sequences of every chromosome copy in human and non-human species are…

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Using Wikidata as an open, community maintained database of biomedical knowledge - Andrew Su

Using Wikidata as an open, community-maintained database of biomedical knowledge …

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