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Week 6 - Video 2

Roman Egypt; Essays

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Inaugural Lecture: Professor Ben Rosamond

Professor Ben Rosamond presents his inaugural lecture at the School of Social and Political Science. Introduction by Professor John Devaney. Conservative economic policy discourse since the global…

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Essay Writing: The Basics

This is a short video which is intended for those who find themselves worrying about undertaking an essay assessment. Perhaps it is not the type of assessment that you happen to be used to, or…

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MSc in Digital Education: Using WordPress on your mobile device

A brief tutorial for the MSc in Digital Education on how to use WordPress on your mobile phone for your assessed work or as a learning journal.

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Dr Paul Kelly

Dr Paul Kelly talks about his research in PAHRC.

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Book launch: Embodied Narratives Protecting Identity Interests through Ethical Governance of Bioinformation

A conversation between the author Emily Postan (Edinburgh School of Law), and colleagues John Appleby (Lancaster University) and Muriel Leuenberger (Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics) to mark…

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DE Discussions: Academic Writing (Part 1)

A session with Michael Gallagher discussing how to approach academic writing for the MSc in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh

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CJS Seminar: Lindsay Farmer

The Crime, Justice & Society Seminar Series presents Calculative agency and moral fault: responsibility in market offences Prof Lindsay Farmer, University of Glasgow About the…

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IRR Lecture 5: Writing a Good Research Review

This lecture explains the ways to justify an answer and how to build a scientific argument. This also includes critical questions and tips for writing a successful literature review.

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Strategic Marketing Unit 1_4 (Re-uploaded DO NOT USE)

Strategic Marketing Unit 1.4

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[IRR 20220] Lecture 3.1 Referencing

This is a lecture on referencing got the Informatics Research Review course.

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Animal Breeding Programme with AlphaSimR - Part 2

This vignette shows how to simulate a bit more realistic animal breeding programme with overlapping generations and different selection intensities in males and females. (Part 2)

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When do I cite and reference

In this video we will look at when you need to cite and reference.

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Zane Li - A decoupling interpretation of an old argument for Vinogradov's Mean Value Theorem

A Young Researchers Symposium in Harmonic Analysis Zane Li, Indiana University Bloomington 23 June 2022

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New Kakeya bounds using multilinear and plany estimates - Joshua Zahl

Fourier Analysis @200 New Kakeya bounds using multilinear and plany estimates University of British Columbia Joshua Zahl 27 June 2022

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Simulating traits in AlphaSimR - Part 1

AlphaSimR simulates traits by defining the type of trait genetic effects, number of DNA sites controlling the trait, mean, genetic variance, and environmental variance. Once we simulate genetic and…

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