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Gravity Levelling

Demonstration of how to make measurements of the Earth's gravitational field in geophysical surveying.

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New undergraduate Law student Town Hall 7 Sep 2020, 10am

Recording of the town hall Q&A session for new undergraduate Law students. Details and information about what to expect when on-campus for semester 1 2020/21.

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Lecture 2 Part 2: Boundary Conditions

In the second part of this lecture we look at a the use of boundary conditions expressed as both initial value and boundary value problems to find the unknown coefficients in the general solution and…

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This video is the online tutorial for Practical 4 (resistivity interpretation) on the course Introduction to Geophysics.

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3.3b - Post-combustion capture with solvents Part 2

Mitigating Climate Change - Carbon Capture Storage

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Numeric Attributes and Outliers

Numeric Attributes and Outliers

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