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The edicts of the praetors law, politics and revolution in ancient Rome - Lisa Pilar Eberle

The University of St Andrews Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research and the Edinburgh Roman Law Group present a joint seminar on 'The edicts of the praetors: law, politics and revolution…

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Topic 71: Introduction to System Response to Random Signals (PETARS, Chapter 10)

This Topic introduces the concept of calculating the stochastic process at the output of a known deterministic system, given a stochastic process at the input of the system. This concept is…

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Topic 59: Introduction to Stochastic Processes (PETARS, Chapter 8)

In this first video of the Statistical Signal Processing part of the PETARS course, the notion of random signals, or stochastic processes is introduced. It is defined as a natural extension to the…

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Topic 33: Auxiliary Variables (PETARS, Chapter 5)

Auxiliary variables are introduced as a method for calculating a single function of multiple random variables, through a two-stage process of using the probability transformation rule followed by…

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Topic B: How to navigate LEARN (PETARS, Chapter 0)

This video shows you how to navigate the LEARN virtual learning environment for the Probability, Estimation Theory, and Random Signals course. It shows how to navigate course content and the course…

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Topic 17: Conditional Probability and Bayes Rule (PETARS, Chapter 3)

This slightly longer than usual video covers conditional probability and gives some examples that are initially counter-intuitive. Bayes theorem is then developed from conditional probability, and…

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Topic 1: How to Study using the Course Materials (PETARS, Chapter 1)

This video welcomes students to the PETARs course, and shows the best way of using the teaching materials to study this course in hybrid teaching mode. The materials available range from handouts…

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This video is the online tutorial for Practical 4 (resistivity interpretation) on the course Introduction to Geophysics.

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