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Geography - what do you do on a field trip?

So what do you actually do on a Geography field trip? The answer is - a lot!Geography is an incredibly diverse subject. You can explore how our amazing planet works with activities like measuring…

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CL - Lecture 2.e - Aristotelian Syllogisms. Another Example

In this video, we get syllogisms for free! We see how some simple reasoning allows us to derive three more syllogisms.

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Geography First Year Course Choices Workshop

This is a recording to start of the Geography First Year. Please read the Welcome Handbook for more details and there is a Course Choice video to watch as well. Discuss your course choices with…

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RSiPG Welcome Video

This is a short welcome video for the 2nd year BSc Geography students taking Research Skills in Physical Geography. It outlines the course and the changes we have had to make. Please also read the…

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Saffa-Noor Sabri

Oral Health Sciences BSc Hons student Saffa-Noor Sabri talks about her experience of studying at the Edinburgh Dental Institute

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Geography - planning for the Earth's future

Geography helps us understand how the planet works. Not only can we learn about past environments, but we can plan for future environments and reduce the impact we have on the planet. Our…

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BSc Geography - Exploring Iceland

Field trips are hard work, fun, and will provide some of the most memorable moments of your degree. Our BSc Geography students travel to Iceland to explore glaciers and volcanoes, as well as…

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