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Women Instrument Makers

You don’t often see women in histories of musical instrument making, but they were there. Find out about the instruments in our Collection that come from firms where women were involved in…

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Dissertaion festival: introduction to NVivo for qualitative data analysis

This session covered: why use software like Nvivo importing data files creating and using nodes for coding basic but very useful outputs for sharing and discussion with supervisors: coded data…

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CL - Barbara

Gentzen's rules provide a complete system that does not require the cut rule. For many logical systems, cut elimination (showing that uses of the cut rule may be eliminated from any sound proof)…

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CL - Lecture 3g - Making more rules with contrapositions

Using meta-/object-level contrapositions, we can derive all 15 sound syllogisms from Barbara.

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CL - 2019 Lecture 2

This is an old recording of Lecture 2, from 2019.

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CL - Lecture 2.e - Aristotelian Syllogisms. Another Example

In this video, we get syllogisms for free! We see how some simple reasoning allows us to derive three more syllogisms.

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CL - Lecture 2.d - Negation and Contraposition of Predicates

In this video on syllogisms, we introduce the logic of negation.

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CL - Lecture 2.b - Aristotelian Syllogisms. First Example

This is the third video on Syllogisms. We use Venn diagrams to show that barbara is sound.

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