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SIFTing the literature: Critically evaluating the reliability of sources (Dissertation and Thesis Festival Nov 2023)

Ever seen something shared on social media that you think just cannot be true? Or wondered how you can be more critical in the sources of information you use in an assignment? By the end of this…

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CLR Live Conversations Recording Week 2

Critical Literature Review Live Conversation Week 2

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Supporting you with your studies UG (IAD)

A 5 minute video summarising the support available to all Undergraduate students from the Taught Student Development Team at the Institute for Academic Development (IAD)

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Katy Montgomerie: On combating online hate and the gender-critical movement

Anti-trans hate is on the rise. The reasons are complex, with international bodies such as ILGA-Europe (2022) and the Council of Europe (2022) noting how trans lives and the legitimacy of trans…

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UNCOVER workshop Journal Club: Critical appraisal of quantitative methods papers

Presenter: Kelly Fleetwood This workshop took the format of a journal club discussion. As we critically appraised the paper, we looked in particular at the quantitative data presented and…

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UNCOVER workshop: Critical appraisal of search histories

This recorded presentation highlights several core elements to scrutinise when checking systematic review searches for quality.The elements covered are mostly drawn from the PRESS checklist: …

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Ethics of heart transplantation

Ethics of heart transplantation

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Reaching Out

This video describes the notion of treating yourself like a good friend and being able to ask for what you need, including reaching out for help.

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Self-compassion: Caring for Ourselves

In this video, Dorothy Armstrong looks at the importance of caring for yourself in the context of caring for your patients, relatives and colleagues. She discusses theory and offers practical tools…

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Meeting Emotions - Sharing Our Fear

“If you resist it persists”We will discuss the importance of acknowledging and sharing our emotions as part of the rollercoaster of life.

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Amygdala Hijack Explained

Building on our knowledge of the fight/flight response, this video describes how fear can impact on our ability to think and then outlines tools and tips to be more self-aware and meet ourselves with…

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Three Elements

This video provides an outline of the three elements of self-care and staff well-being:Amygdala Hijack: Understanding our Fear Meeting Emotions: Sharing Our Fear Self-Compassion and Self-Care

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Introduction to Caring Human Factors

‘Human factors’ is a term widely used in high performance industries, sport, aviation, psychology and, more recently, in healthcare. Depending on your context, your experience and your…

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Introduction to Week 6

n this video, Dr Dorothy Armstrong introduces herself and explains the reasons for producing this resource. Dorothy is a registered nurse, educator and coach. She is Lead Adviser for Scotland’s…

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Troubleshooting and Making Changes to Invasive Ventilation

This video demonstrates how to manage ventilation in the critically ill patient by working through patient scenarios.

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Emergency Intubation - Non-COVID Patient

This is a video demonstration of emergency intubation for a non-COVID patient (see the ‘COVID-19 Specifics’ section for specific guidelines).

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