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Mujahid Elobeid - IDCORE Interview 2022

BackgroundMujahid has a background in Mechanical Engineering, which led to an MSc in thermo-fluids for the petrochemical industry. Following this, he worked as a research engineer at the Centre…

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Lubica Slabon - IDCORE Interview 2022

BackgroundLubica developed her passion for the geosciences while working with the British Geological Survey. She subsequently completed an MSc in Reservoir Evaluation and Management at Heriot Watt…

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Ben Moverley-Smith - IDCORE Interview 2022

BackgroundBen’s background in natural sciences, chemistry and physics had ignited his interest in materials science, especially for renewable energy applications. He was drawn to IDCORE as…

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Alyona Naberezhnykh - IDCORE Interview 2022

BackgroundAlyona came to IDCORE to pursue an interest in offshore renewables, after having spent a period in banking following the completion of a Civil Engineering degree. She was attracted to…

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Susana Torres - IDCORE Interview 2022

BackgroundSusana fell in love with Scotland when she was sent to Aberdeen to undertake an MSc in safety and reliability in the oil and gas industry by her then sponsors, the National Hydrocarbon…

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Nick Kell - IDCORE Interview 2022

Nicholas’s ProjectThe IDCORE training is very broad creating a breadth of knowledge that has been invaluable to Nicholas when working with his project sponsor, EDF, who have been strong…

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Nadia Avanessova - IDCORE Interview 2022

BackgroundNadia recently completed an MSc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh and was seeking to develop her knowledge further with a PhD. IDCORE was appealing as it created…

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Mac Versey - IDCORE Interview 2022

BackgroundMac grew up in Suffolk, often holidaying in Scotland which attracted him to the University of Edinburgh where his first degree was a joint Masters in Mechanical and Electrical…

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Elie Rongé - IDCORE Interview 2022

BackgroundAfter graduating from UCL with an MEng in Civil Engineering, Elie joined the coastal engineering team at Mott McDonald, hoping to pursue interests that he had developed during his…

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Luke Evans - IDCORE Interview 2022

BackgroundLuke came to IDCORE from a very practical background. After leaving school he did an HND and then a degree in Electrical Engineering. He subsequently worked as a laboratory technician…

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Zephyr Blyth Floating Offshore Wind Farm (IDCORE)

Zephyr Engineering present their floating wind proposal for the Blyth Offshore Demonstrator site as part of the 2022 IDCORE group design project.

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BEND Consulting Blyth Demonstrator Project

BEND Consulting Blyth Demonstrator Project pitch video

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EWEC Proposal

IDCORE Dragon's Den style competition. Entry for team EWEC.

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WindFuel Blyth Floating Offshore Wind Farm (IDCORE)

Presentation of a proposed floating offshore wind demonstration array off the coast of Blyth, UK as part of the 2021 IDCORE group design project by team WindFuel.

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Introduction video to IDCORE from Prof David Ingram Further information can be found on the IDCORE website:

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Ilie Bivol IDCORE

Ilie Bivol, IDCOREan Further Information can be found on the IDCORE website:

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