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How to share Xerte projects

How to share Xerte projects

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Higgs Alumni Career Talk with Chiara Decaroli

Chiara Decaroli is originally from a small village in Italy. She fell in love with quantum mechanics during her high school years after reading a book on quantum entanglement which she did not…

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Working without a map: Co-production as a Driver of Research Pathways

Dr Seth Mehl - Working without a map: Co-production as a Driver of Research Pathways AbstractCo-production methods are a ‘process-oriented’ approach to collaborative projects (Graham and…

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The Being and Becoming of Rhizomatic Digital Humanities in Majority Worlds

Dr. Dibyadyuti Roy - The Being and Becoming of Rhizomatic Digital Humanities in Majority Worlds AbstractNormative Digital Humanities conversations continue to elide that the being and becoming of DH…

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The Pressure and Release (PAR) model in disaster management explained by T Cannon

2.1 What is climate risk assessment and why is it important? The PAR model seeks to explain how the intersection between the process of generating vulnerability and natural hazards exposures…

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Introduction to Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics

Recording from Postgraduate Virtual Open Days March 2022

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The School of Physics and Astronomy Career support

Watch to find out what career support we provide to our Physics students.

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Guest Speaker - Gillian Fyfe - Transformational Lead, Technology Enabled Care Programme at The Scottish Government - Software Development for Health and Social Care

In this guest speaker interview we're talking to Gillian Fyfe, a Transformational Lead for the Technology Enabled Care Programme at The Scottish Government. Gillian shares with us her journey,…

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Introducing the Chemical Engineering programmes

Dr Norbert Radacsi, Lecturer in the School of Engineering, introduces the Chemical Engineering undergraduate programmes at the University of Edinburgh. Find out more about our undergraduate…

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Danny Bernard Martin - Wednesday 26 January

25 Jan - 26 Jan 2022ICMS hosted the "Mathematics: Inclusive or Exclusive? Putting colour, culture and context into the curriculum" workshopRethinking Equity and Inclusion as Racial Justice…

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Global University Climate Forum: a publication launch and panel discussion

What is the Global University Climate Forum? The Global University Climate Forum launched in November 2020, bringing together over 500 student activists to share ideas, learn, connect, and act on the…

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OEGlobal Open Curation Award

Short acceptance speech for the OE Global open curation award.

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Road to Recovery project: parents' experiences of the pandemic

The Road to Recovery project asked parents of children with intellectual difficulties and complex needs about their experiences during lockdown, as well as how they feel now the restrictions are…

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Week 11 Part 5

Scientism why matters

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Careers for a Sustainable Future 2021: Getting work experience in Scotland

Kickstart your career in the environmental sector with the Bright Green Business Environmental Placement Programme (EPP). This is their flagship programme, unique to Scotland and attracting some of…

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Advanced Technology for Financial Computing MSc

Learn more about the Advanced Technology for Financial Computing MSc in this presentation by Dr Tiejun Ma, Programme Director, followed by a Q&A session.Originally recorded in November…

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