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Mac Versey - IDCORE Interview 2022

BackgroundMac grew up in Suffolk, often holidaying in Scotland which attracted him to the University of Edinburgh where his first degree was a joint Masters in Mechanical and Electrical…

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Luke Evans - IDCORE Interview 2022

BackgroundLuke came to IDCORE from a very practical background. After leaving school he did an HND and then a degree in Electrical Engineering. He subsequently worked as a laboratory technician…

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Adam Butler and Esther Jones: Assessing Impacts of Offshore Renewables - Developing Spatial & Movement Models

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. The natural world is inherently complex and ecologists often face uncertainty in data and models…

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General Council Meeting 6 June 2015 with Dr Andy Kerr

On 6 June 2015 the General Council held its Statutory Half-Yearly Meeting in the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. The main speaker was Dr Andy Kerr, Executive Director of ECCI.

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1.2 Climate Risk and Net Zero - defining climate risk and Net Zero concepts

More detail on the nature of climate risk, physical and transition. More on what Net Zero investing means.

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Introduction video to IDCORE from Prof David Ingram Further information can be found on the IDCORE website:

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Ilie Bivol IDCORE

Ilie Bivol, IDCOREan Further Information can be found on the IDCORE website:

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Calum Kenny, IDCORE

IDCOREan Calum Kenny Further Information can be found on the IDCORE website:

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Robin Wallace: RE Network Interaction

In this video Robin highlights research into managing the effects of time-varying flows of renewable energy in the rural electricity network. Background: Wind, wave, and tidal energy are…

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Dimitri Mignard: Hydrogen from metals

In this video Dimitri describes how hydrogen from metals allows safe, compact storage of hydrogen energy, and how it could be particularly efficient when combined with high temperature power…

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CCMeas - L3 5 Financial Analysis

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High fidelity model of the Sound of Islay

The Sound of Islay is a tidal strait sandwiched between Islay and Jura, in the Western Isles of Scotland, where the tide can reach as high as 6-7 knots. This computer simulation shows in great detail…

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