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Mujahid Elobeid - IDCORE Interview 2022

BackgroundMujahid has a background in Mechanical Engineering, which led to an MSc in thermo-fluids for the petrochemical industry. Following this, he worked as a research engineer at the Centre…

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Waves in Complex Continua (Wavinar) - Oliver Phillips (University of Reading)

Subtitles will be added soon. 01.02.2022 Oliver Phillips (University of Reading) - High frequency scattering by multiple obstacles.

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Su-Fen Yang EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Su-Fen Yang Talk Title: The PCA-based Control Charts for Monitoring Multiple-stream Processes Abstract: The…

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Topic 22: Determining the Fundamental Frequency and Period (SNADA, Chapter 5)

This Topic looks at the case of calculating the fundamental frequency or period of a periodic waveform, where this is not known in advance. The Topic also considers, as a consequence, whether the…

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NWMPPP-Lecture 2B-Nuclear Regulation - January 11th 2021, 2:07:48 pm

This lecture briefly covers IAEA, Euratom and national Uk regulation and regulatory requirements relating to geological disposal

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Topic 13: Signal Decompositions as a Building Block in Signal Analysis (SNADA, Chapter 3)

This topic discusses signal decompositions by recalling the Fourier series decomposition, and explaining how this can be used in finding solutions to ordinary differential equations (ODEs) to an…

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Distillation Lecture 2 2020 part 1

Distillation Lecture 2 2020 part 1

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Topic 64: Wide-sense periodic, wide-sense cyclo-stationary, and quasi-stationary processes (PETARS, Chapter 8)

This video considers a wider class of nonstationary processes that share some similarities with wide-sense periodic processes. Such nonstationary processes occur in systems where, for example,…

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Searching more than one database at once

Demonstrates how to search more than one database at once in search platforms from which University of Edinburgh has bought multiple databases. Includes deduplication of results. PDF summary of the…

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Brainworks: How are brains formed and how should we treat them

Inaugural lecture of Professor David LyonsProfessor of NeurobiologyBrainworks: How are brains formed and how should we treat themThe human brain represents the most complex organisation of matter in…

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#OpenUpStemCells: Are there stem cell treatments for MS in the UK?

Professor Anna Williams answers the question: Are there stem cell treatments for MS in the UK? for #OpenUpStemCells More about Professor Williams' research Videography: Jessie Pearson, Ellie…

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Anne Rowling Clinic announcement Sep 2019

J.K. Rowling donates further £15m to multiple sclerosis research The author J.K. Rowling has donated £15.3m to the University of Edinburgh to help improve the lives of people…

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MLR: Model Selection

Multiple Linear Regression: Model Selection - Week 2

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Training, Validation and Test Sets

Training, Validation and Test Sets - Week 4

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Prof Agustin Fuentes - How do we believe_

Prof Agustin Fuentes - How do we believe

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How to get the most out of lecture recording - Dr Emily Nordmann and Dr Jill MacKay

Recording of Dr Emily Nordmann (University of Glasgow) and Dr Jill MacKay (University of Edinburgh) speaking at the University of Edinburgh Lecture Capture Symposium on 31 January 2019. Hosted by Dr…

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