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Mujahid Elobeid - IDCORE Interview 2022

BackgroundMujahid has a background in Mechanical Engineering, which led to an MSc in thermo-fluids for the petrochemical industry. Following this, he worked as a research engineer at the Centre…

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Usher innovation community

The Usher innovation community supports collaboration between academics, service professionals and industry to identify, evaluate and adopt new data-driven solutions to transform the delivery of care…

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Week 5 Identity , Attention and Platform Business

Internet and Society 2022

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Week 4 Algorithms and Machine Learning

Internet and Society 2022

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Strategic Marketing Unit 1.1

Strategic Marketing Unit 1.1

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Strategic Marketing Unit 1.3

Strategic Marketing Unit 1.3 Building Relationships

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Strategic Marketing Unit 1_4 (Re-uploaded DO NOT USE)

Strategic Marketing Unit 1.4

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Data and AI ethics

Data and AI ethics is a one-hour webinar designed to introduce staff and students to the basic concepts.Using five genuine and timely data and AI case-studies, the three main philosophical…

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Student Societies: Presentations from our Students

Our School of Informatics Student Ambassador, Ammir Barakat, talks about their experience with student societies at the University of Edinburgh. Includes presentations by representatives of CompSoc,…

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Platform studies methods tutorial

A short introductory video on using documentary methods to conduct platform studies research.

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SOFI CDT ACS3 introduction from Andrew Clarke

SOFI CDT ACS3 introduction from Andrew Clarke

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Careers for a Sustainable Future 2021: Getting work experience in Scotland

Kickstart your career in the environmental sector with the Bright Green Business Environmental Placement Programme (EPP). This is their flagship programme, unique to Scotland and attracting some of…

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Daniel Faraco - Wednesday 10 November

08 Nov- 12 Nov 2021ICMS hosted the Convex Integration and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations workshopMixing solution after Smoothness and Rayleigh Taylor Breakdown in the Muskat problem. Daniel…

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Using Climate Data in Financial Decision Making

Matthew Brander and Atreya Dey (both University of Edinburgh) present two papers discussing the use of climate data in financial decision making.First Broadcast on 27 October, 2021Chaired by Dr…

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An Overview of Commercialisation

Michaela Turner (Enterprise Executive) offers an overview of commercialisation. ENGAGE, Edinburgh Innovations’ new online learning programme is designed to give you the skills needed to…

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5.3 Platforms and the attention economy

INternet and Society

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