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Mathematical Edinburgh

Introduction to the Mathematical Edinburgh topic for Creating Edinburgh: the interdisciplinary city

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SL week 10 intro

Dr Polly Hashmi

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Lecture 1_Communication Systems_Introduction

Communications Systems as part of the course SNADA

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19 November Yuri Tschinkel Rational points, rational curves, and rational varieties Maxwell Institute Whittaker Lecture

Maxwell Institute Whittaker Lecture An automatic programme has been used to generate subtitles on this talk.

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Higgs Boson - Professor Boyle in the Maxwell Building with a copper pipe

This project was created by the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh.

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Epilepsy: is the genetic revolution friend or foe?

Wednesday 15th March 2017In this lecture Dr Richard FM Chin and Professor Cathy Abbott explore how rapid advances in the field of genetics has changed our understanding of the cause(s) of epilepsy…

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