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Commutativity in equivariant homotopy theory - Magdalena Kedziorek

Classifying spaces in homotopy theory: in honour of Ran Levi's 60th BirthdayMagdalena Kedziorek, Radboud University

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Zane Li - A decoupling interpretation of an old argument for Vinogradov's Mean Value Theorem

A Young Researchers Symposium in Harmonic Analysis Zane Li, Indiana University Bloomington 23 June 2022

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Hugh Griffiths Presentation - SSPD 2021

Presented at the Sensor Signal Processing for Defence Conference (SSPD) 2021Presentation: "Defence Keynote Speaker: Why Defence Acquisition is Difficult" Speaker: Hugh Griffiths, Defence…

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Acoustic Detection Networks

UDRC Themed Meeting on Signal Processing in the Underwater Environment by Jeff Neasham, Newcastle University

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19 November Yuri Tschinkel Rational points, rational curves, and rational varieties Maxwell Institute Whittaker Lecture

Maxwell Institute Whittaker Lecture An automatic programme has been used to generate subtitles on this talk.

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USMR lecture 7 part 3

multiple regression

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