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Induction Activity 4 Y1

Induction Activity 4 Y1

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Heritage Collections Group 1 - SACHA Think Tank '24

SACHA Think Tank '24

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Reliable nutrition information

Food Facts - Module 3 Presentation by Amelia Finaret for the free online course 'Food Facts: From Farm to Fork'

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Business Pitch_Hideaways Inns_Changning

5 minutes Business Pitch of business idea

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Lauren Benton - Podcast Episode

In March 2024, Edinburgh Law School welcomed Professor Lauren Benton as its first Dean’s Fellow. Professor Benton is the Barton M. Biggs Professor of History and Professor of Law at Yale…

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ESO Advice for new students

Graduates from Edinburgh Surgery Online programmes share their best advice for new students who are thinking of studying a postgraduate degree.

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In the Hot Seat Tara

Who is the mind behind the academic mastery? Join us as we put Tara in the Hot Seat to learn about what kick-started her career as an academic teaching undergraduate Business Education at Edinburgh.…

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Qualitative data part 1

Qualitative data part 1

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Xerte Module 2 Unit 2.1: Getting Started

Xerte Module 2 Unit 2.1: Getting Started

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AI & Storytelling, Invited Lecture for Abertay University - Part 2: Painting Stories

AI & Storytelling, Invited Lecture for Abertay University, January 29th 2024 - Part 2: Painting Stories

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Pedagogies of Care and Hope for Wicked Prolems

An introductory video about pedagogies for wicked problems.

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Utopia Lab 2023

Introduction to the Edinburgh Futures Institute Utopia Lab Project by Jennifer Williams, Creative Project Manager, EFI

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Heidi Koikkalainen - The openEHR Clinical Modelling Approach

Heidi Koikkalainen - The openEHR Clinical Modelling Approach

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Introduction to Collusion

The University defines collusion as "a form of plagiarism. It is an unauthorised and unattributed collaboration of students in a piece of assessed work."As part of your studies, you will be…

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Introduction to Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the most common and best-known example of academic misconduct. All types of work submitted by students are covered by this definition, including, for example, written work, diagrams,…

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