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Higgs Centre Colloquium: Ruth Gregory, 'Towards a Quantum Black Hole Simulator'

Colloquium: Towards a Quantum Black Hole Simulator - Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics (

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Electronics and Electrical Engineering - Are you a future Engineer? November 2023

This session aims to offer an overview of teaching, learning and the student experience in the School of Engineering’s Undergraduate degrees in 2023/24. It is not intended to be exhaustive. For…

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MSc Electronics Welcome Meeting with Programme Director

MSc Electronics Welcome Meeting with Programme Director

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Introducing the Electronics and Electrical Engineering programmes

Dr Philip Hands, Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering, introduces the Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and Electronics and Computer Science…

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LAGOON: Amnon Neeman (ANU, Australia)

Subtitles will be added soon. 28 Oct 2021 Amnon Neeman (ANU, Australia): Finite approximations as a tool for studying triangulated categories

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MSc Electronics Welcome Meeting with Programme Director

MSc Electronics Welcome Meeting with Programme Director

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Extremes of stochastic processes: Krzysztof Dębicki

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Krzysztof Dębicki Talk Title: Extremes of vector-valued Gaussian…

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Wireless Communication with Visible Light

This short video demonstrates optical wireless communication using a visible light source.

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AVLSI Demo 10 - Stability Probes

How to use stability probes to check stability, phase margin etc.

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AVLSI Demo 9 - Config Views

Introduction to config views, why they are useful and how to set them up.

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Lecture 3_LinearModulation_Part_1

Introduction to communication systems_Analogue Modulation_part1

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AVLSI Troubleshoot 4 - Single Monte Carlo DC Operating Point

How to annotate the DC operating point of a single Monte Carlo run in Cadence Virtuoso

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Topic 44: Under-sampling and Practical Data Systems (SNADA, Chapter 8)

This Topic considers the concept of aliasing, which is signal distortion due to the spectral overlap of the spectral images that result from the sampling process. This Topic discusses the…

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Topic 42: Introduction to Nyquist Sampling Theory (SNADA, Chapter 8)

This Topic introduces the concept of a sampled data system, which aims to measure and store values from a continuous-time signal to produce a discrete-time representation. The video emphasis that…

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Lecture 1_Communication Systems_Introduction

Communications Systems as part of the course SNADA

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