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10.1b Renaissance Women, Nature and Nurture

What features characterised femininity in the Renaissance? This video considers the relationship between gender and sex, considers Judith Butler's ideas about 'performing' gender, and…

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10.1a The Woman Question

This video introduces Renaissance Feminism, including major scholars and major female painters, sculptors and architects who worked between 1520 and 1650.

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9.3b The Male Nude and the 'Perfect Body'

Renaissance people were puzzled about why the nude body was so popular in classical times, but they worked out their own justifications for depicting naked men - the male body was made in 'the…

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Giorgio Vasari and the Invention of Art 2

Giorgio Vasari's Lives of the Artists was written in 1550, with a much enlarged edition in 1568. It was the first recogniaable "art history" book and still influences the way art…

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