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Week 7 - Video 1

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Inaugural Lecture of Nehal Bhuta

Edinburgh Law School presents: The Inaugural Lecture of Professor Nehal BhutaRecovering Social RightsAbout the lectureDespite a flourishing in the constitutionalization and adjudication of social…

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Week 3 - Video 1

Week 3: Administation

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Week 2 - Before Rome

Week 2: Very broad backdround

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Week 1 Video 1 (Introduction)

Week 1 Video 1 (Introduction)

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Book Launch: Andrew Walls’s The Missionary Movement from the West

On November 29, 2023, the Centre held a book launch for Andrew Walls’s posthumously authored book, The Missionary Movement from the West, published in 2023 through Eerdmans. Panelists included…

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Day 1 Spotlight: COP28 Climate Negotiation Simulation Event, Edinburgh

On 16 November, weeks before COP28 Learning for Sustainability Scotland, in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, welcomed pupils from Scottish and Egyptian secondary schools to take part in…

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Exploring Archives of Sexuality & Gender (Dissertation and Thesis Festival)

The Archives of Sexuality and Gender is one of the largest digital collections of primary source documents relating to the history and study of sex, sexuality, and gender. The series presents LGBTQ…

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Nitrogen Pollution: Threats to Tropical Coral Coasts - Trailer

Explore how nitrogen interacts with the marine environment and the associated threats of nitrogen pollution caused by human activity, using tropical coral reefs and seagrasses as model ecosystems. …

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Lama Said - Three Minute Thesis Competition Finalist 2023

Lama Said - Three Minute Thesis Competition Finalist 2023

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Lived in Heritage 6 April 2022

Lived-in Heritage: Perspectives on European Cultural Landscapes from Architecture SchoolsA collaborative project funded by the European Council for the European Heritage Days 2022 between the Faculty…

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Beyond the Books - Series 2: Episode 8 - Emanuela Patti

Beyond the Books is a podcast from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC) that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at research and the people who make…

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The ius gentium in the Graeco-Roman legal experience

Watch the Centre for Legal History's symposium on the topic of the ius gentium in the Graeco-Roman legal experience. The aim of the one-day symposium was to examine the most recent scholarship…

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Epi course 1.1 - History - Descriptive

Epi course

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Resilience After Trauma: The Emerging Science of Dose

Scientists now recognize that the impact of trauma is best thought of in terms of dosage, with each subsequent trauma exposure adding to the harm, in part because of the biological impacts of…

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'Reality checking for Historians', Professor Julian Goodare

How do historians study people? We evaluate our evidence, obviously. I argue that we sometimes perform a 'reality check' on our evidence, applying human insight to it. This is a small…

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