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How can we build a fair and welcoming Scotland for refugees and asylum seekers?

Students as Change Agents Challenges in Conversation: How can we build a fair and welcoming Scotland for refugees and asylum seekers? Wednesday 2 December Challenge Partner: Scottish Refugee…

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#DDIdisussions | Covid19 and Data: One Year On

As part of the #DDIdiscussions series DDI held a webinar on Wednesday 24th March. Twelve months from the national lockdown in spring 2020, we discussed the lessons learned and how far the pandemic…

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ConveRACEions with Barbara Becnel

Recording of the ConveRACEions event on January 28th, with our invited speaker, Barbara Becnel, on the topic: "Speaking out about race, insurrection and the police: Will you listen now?"

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Welcome to Students as Change Agents Autumn 2020

Welcome to Students as Change Agents was recorded live on Wednesday 18 November 12:30 This video acts as a general introduction to Students as Change Agents; our mission, programme highlights and…

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IJCC webinar – Children and Young people's participation is not a project, it's a right! | 2nd Nov 2020 (no avatars)

This free webinar shared how children and young people can contribute to legal decisions about child contact, in the context of domestic violence. Based on the 5-country project Improving Justice in…

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Closing the attainment gap webinar series

Peter McNaughton introduces a new webinar series which the Moray House Professional Learning Team will be offering in Sept/Oct 2020. Learn more about the series and sign up on the 'Closing the…

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DiRAC Webinar: The RAC 13 Technical Application

In this webinar we introduce the DiRAC RAC Technical Assessment (TA) form and process. We walk through a sample completed TA form explaining what details are required and why to help you prepare for…

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DDI Webinar: The role of data and data innovation in the recovery from Covid-19

Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) and guests discuss the vital role of data and data innovation in the recovery from Covid-19. Experts from the public and private sector join university researchers…

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STEVE RUFFArizona State University, USAWednesday 24th June 2020LESSONS FROM HOT SPRINGS ON EARTH APPLIED TO THE SEARCH FOR TRACES OF LIFE ON MARSAncient hot spring deposits have long been recognized…

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Learning for Sustainability Scotland: Exploring relevance and approaches in Learning for Sustainability in times of crisis and calm 03 June 2020

Over the past few months people around the world have risen to the challenge of responding to global challenges manifesting at local levels. On 3rd June 2020 more than 70 LfS Scotland members from…

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DOUGLAS PIKERutgers University, USAWednesday, 22nd of April 4pm (UK)FROM STRUCTURE TO FUNCTION OF PRIMORDIAL ENZYMESLife on Earth is driven by electron transfer reactions, catalysed by a suite of…

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Top Hat New User Training -19 July 2016

Due to sound quality issues, the second new user Top Hat webinar has been cut down just to additional questions and features that were not covered in the first webinar.

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