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Lesson 2: Ocean Biodiversity, Food Webs and Habitats

This video was created by Teresa Ikpe for her learning resource about exploring ocean spaces. Lesson 2 objectives: Explain the ways in which humans have interacted and do interact with the ocean. …

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LMS Computer Science Colloquium - Nobuko Yoshida (Imperial College London)

An automated programme is used to generate the subtitles on this talk. You can remove the subtitles by pressing CC on the bottom toolbar. Nobuko Yoshida (Imperial College London) - Session Types:…

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German Play 2020 - Ab in den Container

One of the high points in the extra-curricular life of German at the University of Edinburgh is the annual German Play.Organised by Julia Feike (DAAD-Lektorin) and Zuzanna Winke (German teacher) with…

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Pipette Techniques

How to use a pipette

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