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How to hold a handheld mic

Quick demo on how to best hold a handheld microphone

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How to edit your Resource List

This video is for course organisers. It will show you how to: Export your List (0:16) Add items by searching (0:38) Add items by creating them (1:44) Add items from DiscoverEd …

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The Inaugural Lecture of Professor David Cabrelli

The Inaugural Lecture of Professor David Cabrelli took place at the University of Edinburgh on 27 April 2022. The title of the lecture was "The Law Governing the Employment Relationship: Quo…

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Finding Part Time Work

Animation detailing ways of finding part-time work as a student.

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Patient Diary weeks 1-12

DENS Trial Training Video - Patient Diary weeks 1-12

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DENS Trial Training Video - Discharge

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Baseline pages data entry

Database Training for the baseline section of the DENS Trial database

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Online Programming Skills introduction

Course Organiser introduction for INFD11016

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How to make a careers appointment

How to make an appointment with the Careers Service, using MyCareerHub.

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Using variables in Xerte

Using variables in Xerte

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Accepting late test submissions in Learn

Accepting late tests in Learn

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Interview with Professor Glen McHale: Director of the Chemical Engineering Discipline (part 1)

Professor Glen McHale shares insights into his career and research interests, which focus on how liquids interact with different surfaces. For example: why does lotus leaf remain dry and clean even…

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Mathematical Modelling of Evaporating Droplets - Stephen Wilson

Continuum Mechanics Seminar Series Stephen Wilson (University of Strathclyde) Mathematical Modelling of Evaporating Droplets Friday 5 February 2021 To remove the captions from this video press CC on…

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MLP Lecture 05 - Clip 01 - Dropout

Machine Learning Practical (MLP) Lecture 05, Clip 01 / 07.

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How to change Priority

How to change the priority on a case.

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