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Who I am, what I do and paying my Masters fees (Online Learning student, India)

Recording from Postgraduate Online Learning Open Days May2024

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Higgs school 2024 - Philip Mannheim, Lecture 3 (Part 1 of 2)

Date: 29/05/2024

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Yiping Cao - Nudge towards a trustworthy society in the information age: using Qianjiang Fen as a case study

CiDS 2024Mr Yiping Cao, Business SchoolNudge towards a trustworthy society in the information age: using Qianjiang Fen as a case studySince 2010 the Cninese government has promoted the concept of…

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Jisc Online Surveys V3 Overview

This 1 hour video gives an overview of how to log in to Jisc Online Surveys v3, how to create a survey in Jisc Online Surveys V3, how to use different question types, how to set up question and page…

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Add a scale bar to Bacmman kymographs

How to add a scale bar to Bacmman kymographs

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power and community part 3


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AML: Model Selection - Direct Comparison

Applied Machine Learning - INFR11211 AML: Model Selection - Direct Comparison Part 1/2

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Andrea Ford's presentation

Attuned consent

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This is the welcome video for the IRR course.

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Computer Science MSc

Learn more about the Computer Science MSc in this presentation by Dr Raul Garcia-Patron Sanchez, Programme Director, followed by a Q&A session.Originally recorded in November 2021.Slides can be…

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Jan Burczak - Thursday 11 November

08 Nov- 12 Nov 2021ICMS hosted the Convex Integration and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations workshopFrom Ketchup to Concentration-driven Convex Integration Jan Burczak (University of Leipzig)

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Aristotle Lecture 2.1


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6.3 Community

INternet and Society 2021

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5.3 Platforms and the attention economy

INternet and Society

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LAGOON: Longitudinal Algebra and Geometry Open ONline - Shunsuke Kano (Tohoku, Japan)

Subtitles can be turned off by selecting CC. 14 October 2021 Shunsuke Kano (Tohoku, Japan): Categorical dynamical systems arising from sign-stable mutation loops

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The Pros and Cons of Online Exams

Prof. Velda McCune and Dr. Tim Fawns discuss the pros and cons of online exams in a hybrid learning environment. The topics and ideas in this conversation are informed by the additional work of Jen…

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