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Xerte Module 2 Unit 2.3: Xerte Editor Overview

Xerte Module 2 Unit 2.3 Xerte Editor Overview

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2024 DRS LUNCHTIME SEMINARS - S1 - Research Data Support

Here you will hear Simon Smith from Research Data Support Services providing tips and tricks on Data Management Planning.

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Outlining text

A quick demo on outlining text to graphic InDesign

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Ontology, epistemology, philosophical perspectives, methodology and method

Presentation by Marije Hennus

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Top Tips Assessment Centres 2023

Recording of our Top Tips Assessment Centres session.

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Top Tips Psychometric Tests 2023

Recording of our Top Tips Psychometric Tests session.

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Top Tips Interviews 2023

Recording of our Top Tips for Interviews.

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This Is Milk - GCAS Employer Interview

Communications & Communities Manager at This Is Milk, Leanne McGuire, discusses the importance of creativity, teamwork and building connections to succeed in the communications and marketing…

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Oliver Thomas Interview PTL

Interview Principles of Teaching and Learning

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Using the Library for Moses & the Torah

A brief introduction to library resources and support for Moses & the Torah students

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Minitab Statistics: Recoding Data

This video describes the process of recoding data in Minitab. It is aimed at students of the BVM&S Student Research Course. Outline: 00:39 Common error: 'no variables available for basic…

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Top Tips: Psychometric Tests

Use this quick 20-minute guide for top tips on how to prepare for, and perform well in, psychometric tests.

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Top Tips: Job Applications

Top tips for job applications

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Top Tips: CVs

Top tips on writing CVs

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Top Tips: Cover Letters

Top Tip for writing covering letters

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Language Production Lecture 2 Part 7

Tip of the Tongue, Blocking or Partial Access

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