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C1. Microbiota and homeostasis

Integrity lecture C1

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The smallest astronauts: how can microorganisms support us in space?; Dr Rosa Santomartino

Microorganisms such as bacteria are everywhere on Earth's biosphere, including the human body, and will necessarily follow us as we explore space. As they play many important roles here on Earth…

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Imm3_bacteria_pt3_invasion and barriers

Part three of the immunity to bacteria lecture for the 2020 Imm3 course. This section covers barriers, invasion, and initial immune activaition

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Microorganisms, Infection and Immunity 2

For students interested in host-pathogen interaction and infectious diseases. Runs in semester 2, 20 credits.

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Sinéad Collins: Small but mighty

In this video Sinéad describes how her research uses evolution experiments with microbes to understand how the tiny organisms that are the foundation of marine ecosystems evolve on human…

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