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How to edit your Resource List

This video is for course organisers. It will show you how to: Export your List (0:17) Add items by searching (0:40) Add items by creating them (1:40) Add items from DiscoverEd …

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How to manage your course reading (in 2021/22)

This guide is for Course Organisers and has been updated in response to Covid-19 and the move to hybrid and online teaching. It will show you: How to tag your items so the Library…

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Resource Lists for students

A guide for students on how to use Resource Lists I’d like to show you how to: Open up your whole list (0:22) See the list in compact view (0:47) Search for your readings …

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Using the Online Library

An overview from the Academic Support Librarians on how to discover and access library resources and support online, and get updates on services available during the period affected by COVID-19.

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How to add the Cite It tool

This video is for Course Organisers. It will show you how to add the "Cite It" tool in Leganto in your chosen browser: Chrome (0:06) Firefox (0:34)Internet Explorer (1:10)

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How to duplicate your list

How to duplicate your resource lists in Leganto.

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