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EndNote for managing references course recording 2022/23

A recording of the Digital Skills & Training Team's "EndNote for managing references" course. This demonstration, using EndNote 20 for Windows, looks at:Adding reference…

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How to manage your course reading (in 22/23)

This video is for Course Organisers. It will show you: How to tag your items so the Library knows what to buy (0:38) How the Library manages print copies in 22/23 (1:22) How to request…

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On the Distribution of Rational Points on Ramified Covers of Abelian Varieties - Julian Demeio

Rational Points on Higher-Dimensional Varieties On the distribution of Rational Points on Ramified covers of Abelian Varieties Julian Demeio (Max Planck Institute, Bonn) 27 April 2022

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Test recording in the Argyle House self-service audio booth

More information is availableon the Educational Media Studio website:

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Week 4 a) - MMD

This is the first in a series of three recorded lectures considering the graphical origins of the p-value and the corresponding different approaches to performing one- and two-tailed tests.

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BHoM 2021: Welcome by Ulrike Tillmann (INI)

BHoM 2021: Welcome by Ulrike Tillmann (INI)

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Glass Flute

Tom Oakes plays Trad. by Paganini, The Carnival of Venice by Johann Sebastian Bach, Bourée Anglaise, and Trad. Polonaise from Sweden.

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Border Pipes

Fin Moore plays Mary Scott, The Flower of Yarrow.

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Gordon Ferries plays Anon., A Port (Stralloch).

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Dots and Ties

Nikki and Tom discuss dots and ties in musical notation.

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Rudiments of Duration Notation

Nikki explains notation duration and shows you some examples using classical and popular music examples.

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Welcome Week: Good Academic Conduct

Welcome Week events 2021Good Academic Conduct with David Lewis

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How to make an account on Wikisource

A video explaining how to create an account on Wikisource, the free online digital library managed by the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikisource Main Page: Wikisource, the free library

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Networks : Matthias Schulte

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar.Name : Matthias Schulte Talk Title: Large degrees in scale-free inhomogeneous random graphs …

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Inside the Harpsichord

Ever wondered what happens inside a harpsichord? In this video, you will discover how a harpsichord’s action works to produce its unique sound.

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PGHC11506 Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Week 7 Independent pronouns

Video by Dr Zsuzsanna Vegh for Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Introduction: Week 7

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