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Resource Lists for students

A guide for students on how to use Resource Lists.

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Print Export Settings

Setting your PDF print settings

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HealthyR demo: Create table one

Data and code at:

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Research Integrity: the view from the Research Office - Alan Campbell

When we talk about research integrity, what we’re talking about are the principles, ideas and behaviours that make up good research practice. It’s about defining what excellence in the…

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Introduction to Adobe Premiere

• Workspaces, projects, functions and layout• Video editing with Premiere Pro.• Audio editing within Premiere Pro.• Image quality and rendering • Work-flow and being…

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The South African citrus industry

The South African citrus industry - Shingie Chisoro

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Exporting video streams from Media Hopper Create and importing into a video editor

This video shows you how to export both video streams from Media Hopper Create (Primary and Secondary), and how to import these into a video editor, for the example in this video we are using…

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Library Bitesize: EndNote for Systematic Reviews

Recording version date: 1 May 2024 This short webinar covers functions in EndNote (desktop version) that can help you manage your search results and save time with key stages of the…

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Library Bitesize - Choosing a Reference Manager

This short session provides an introduction to three popular reference managers currently in use at the University: Endnote, Zotero and Mendeley. By the end of this session, you should be…

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How to import references from CNKI databases into EndNote

This videos shows you how to import references from CNKI Chinese databases into EndNote

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Powerpoint to Learn workflow - via Media Hopper Create for Captioning

This video covers how to export your powerpoint recordings, and get them into Learn, via Media Hopper Create. This video does not cover how to record the videos in Powerpoint.

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PPT export to video_method 2

Export a PPT slide show to video and add narration

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PPT export to video_method 1

How to create a PPT slide show with voiceover and then export as video file

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Importing and Quizzes - STACK Tutorial

In this STACK Tutorial, you will learn how to import/export STACK questions and create a quiz in Moodle. Learn more about STACK: the STACK Demo:…

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R Conversations: R In Practice

R Conversations are a series of videos in an attempt to teach R at a distance to our online MSc students. This video is a little experimental - it is a time lapse of me playing about with some…

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How to export a rubric from TURNITIN

A quick video showing how to export a rubric from turnitin

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