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BHoM 2021: Welcome by Ulrike Tillmann (INI)

BHoM 2021: Welcome by Ulrike Tillmann (INI)

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FP - Lecture 13 - Laziness, Higher-order, and Sorting

This is the video for the FP lecture on Laziness, Higher-order, and Sorting.

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INFD11016 Week 7: Computer Basics


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Bug fixing - Version 2

This is a video for industry volunteers to watch to understand classroom interactions. In this example, the volunteer helps a learner fix a bug, enabling them to do it for themselves.

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Dependent Types

Advances in Programming Languages 2018/19 Lecture 7 Dependent Types This lecture completes the quartet of type/term interactions: after first-class functions, parameterized types, and polymorphic…

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