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Inaugural Lecture of Professor David Ingram, Professor of CFD and Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Dis-continuous – Adventures in fluid mechanics, computer science and numerical analysis Abstract Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) touches everyone’s lives. While weather forecasting…

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The TUSAIL Project: Bridging the Gap between Research and Industry in Particle Systems

Changes in the way particles behave when handled in large quantities can lead to unexpected costs or severely impact product quality when scaling up production. Beginning in March 2021, the…

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Let's go Riso! Printing your file

A short video that sets out the steps necessary to produce Risograph prints within the Printworkshop of Edinburgh College of Art

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Chemical Engineering - Are you a future Engineer?

This session aims to offer an overview of teaching, learning and the student experience in the School of Engineering’s Undergraduate Chemical Engineering degrees in 2023/24. It is not intended…

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Dr Kathrin Cresswell - Introduction to sociotechnical systems

Dr Kathrin Cresswell - Introduction to sociotechnical systems

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Dr Kathrin Cresswell - Implementation science and evaluation

Dr Kathrin Cresswell - Implementation science and evaluation (Week 3)

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What are the benefits of data?

for 'The Power of Data in Farm Animal Practice' Course Course website:

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Digital Transformation Strategies

Digital Transformation Strategies

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CJS Seminar - Women's experiences of victim blame from agencies following sexual violence

Speaker - Dr Amy Beddows, BABCP Accredited CBT Psychotherapist Amy recently completed her PhD in women’s experiences of victim blame at the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (CWASU),…

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UDD Course Week 2 Video 4

User-driven service design in health and social care - Week 2, Video 4

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Doubly-latent Models in Spatial Epidemiology

Doubly-latent Models in Spatial Epidemiology By Glenna Nightingale, Megan Laxton and Jacqueline Aim. Copyright © University of Edinburgh 2020 CC BY-NC-SA This work is licensed under a Creative…

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2.2.1 Heritage Pressure and Release model

The PAR model seeks to explain how the intersection between the process of generating vulnerability and natural hazards exposures creates and/or exacerbates social vulnerability (Blaikie et al.…

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The Inaugural Lecture of Professor Vasileios Koutsos, Personal Chair of Soft Materials and Surfaces

Tacky: a slippery slope to Engineering Adhesion and friction phenomena are ubiquitous; they affect our everyday life and play a key role in many engineering and biomedical applications. At the…

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CP2 Pharmacokinetics 2 - Metabolism and Elimination 1

Metabolism and Elimination part 1

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Introducing the Chemical Engineering programmes

Dr Norbert Radacsi, Lecturer in the School of Engineering, introduces the Chemical Engineering undergraduate programmes at the University of Edinburgh. Find out more about our undergraduate…

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Introduction to Lecture 10

Introduction to the content and concepts in lecture 10

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